◆ Dressing classroom

Every Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00
Once price 1000 yen (up to 5 people)
Please apply by phone if you wish
Telephone 083-923-1889

Things needed for dressing

・ Nagajyuban (with haneri)
・ Erishin
・ Hadajyuban
・ Susoyoke
・ 3 Koshihimo
・ 2 Datejime
・ Tabi
・ Japanese bra
・ FukuroObi or NagoyaObi
・ 2 KariHimo
・ 2 clips (even large clothespins are OK)
・ Obimakura
・ Obiage
・ Obijime
・ Obiita
・ One correction towel thin
・ 2 sheets of hand towel (for correction)

Dressing accessories are sold

◆Dressing Service

Yukata   price 500 yen
KomonKimono(TsumugiKimono) price 2000 yen
HoumongiKimono price 2000 yen
TomesodeKimono price 3000 yen
FurisodeKimono price 5000 yen
(Business trip fee is separate)

◆Kimono Rental Service

● Rental Yukata (women, men, children) Dressing fee separate

The day price 4000 yen
Pre-order price 3000 yen

Content Preta cotton Yukata
A belt

* Please bring your underwear.

If you do not have a underwear,Available for purchase a underwear.

Lady underwear price 1750 yen

● Rental kimono (female)  Dressing fee separate

The day price 5000 yen
Pre-order price 3800 yen

Content Preta fiber kimono
Half-width band

* Please bring your underwear and tabi.

If you do not have underwear and tabi,Available for purchase underwear and tabi.

Lady underwear price 1620 yen
Tabi price 950 yen

● Optional service

Seasonal Matcha with Japanese sweets 600 yen

Group discounts are also available, so in that case please contact us separately from inquiries.

The required time is
① First Explanation → ② Kimono → ③ Photo Shoot → ④ Matcha + Sweets (Highlight of Tea) → ⑤ Change in clothes,
It will be about 1 hour per person in total. The time required may vary depending on the reservation status and the number of people responding at that time. Please note. If you are concerned about time, please confirm at the time of application.

If you are using “Kimono Experience Service”, please have or wear thin T – shirt (Near – field: short sleeve, winter time: long sleeve) and Tabi of the neck origin. (Also available on the day)

In “Kimono Experience Service”, you can not choose colors or patterns, but the shop owner will choose the one that suits you.